Key Features

  • Best for torrenting
  • Unrestricted Netflix access
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 2,547 servers in 56 countries
  • Includes Chrome and Firefox extensions

NordVPN Review


There are VPN options for users of all skill levels. There are those that make set-up as easy as possible and help the average user surf the web securely with very little fuss. Alternatively, there are products designed for more experienced users who want more options and more control.

NordVPN fits into the second category. Setting itself up as the tool for experienced users who want to configure their own VPN experience, NordVPN has lots of functions, features, and options. But how well do they work? We’re going to take a closer look to find out.


One of the reasons NordVPN excels is because it provides access for multiple devices at one time. It can run different settings for up to six devices. Devices can connect with one of the 3300+ servers, each optimized for a different purpose. From browsing to streaming to gaming, there are different servers that can help you do what you want both privately and securely. You can also switch servers according to which country you would like to connect through.

Furthermore, NordVPN offers quick access to the UDP and TCP protocols. Others like PPTP and SSTP aren’t available in the app, but, if you prefer, you can set them up yourself. Despite the high number of different features, this VPN remains easy-to-use with a sensible design that is simple to navigate.

The security features are top notch, too. They include DNS leak protection that stops DNS requests from going to your browser. Many VPNs include a kill switch for when your connection to a server drops. NordVPN, however, allows you to choose which processes cut their connection to the net entirely and which processes keep running even when the server drops.

Unlike some of its competitors, NordVPN allows access to some sites that tend to block VPNs. This includes streaming services like Netflix and social networks, meaning you can enjoy your privacy regardless of where you want to go.

The cost is another big factor in why we like NordVPN. It costs $8 for a basic monthly subscription and can even go as low as $4 during a discount period. This makes it one of the cheapest high-quality VPNs around.


It’s a good thing that NordVPN has such a smart kill switch feature because experience with their servers is spotty at best. There are a lot of servers, but sometimes it can take a while to find one that works and trying your tenth server can get very frustrating.

The range of server options available isn’t the best on the market, either. While finding a server optimized for your internet needs is great, it doesn’t allow you to choose servers by city and/or region. This means that you might still have trouble accessing some content for specific regions.

Finally, while easy-to-use, the app can be a little sluggish and unresponsive at times. We found this most noticeable when it came to refreshing the server list. There are a lot of servers, so updating the whole list can take some time.

Bottom Line

For providing an easy-to-use app that allows a much more controlled VPN experience, NordVPN is easy to recommend. Highly secure with sophisticated functions, it’s one of the best VPNs at its price, hands down. Just be prepared for some frustration when trying to find a server. You will find one eventually, it may just require some patience.